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Organization of the Council


  • Ward council members are the representatives of the ward elected by the universal, equal, direct, and secret voting. The Yongsan-gu District Council is currently composed of 13 members (11 regional representatives, 2 proportional representatives).
  • Duties
    • Members of the provincial council should put priority on public interests and perform their duties faithfully according to their conscience.
    • Members of the provincial council have the duty of performing their jobs clear-minded and clean-handed, and should maintain their dignity as the council members.
    • Members of the provincial council should not abuse their rights in order, first, to acquire the rights or interests in terms of properties or the position based on the contracts with the local provincial governments, public organizations or businesses, or based on the disposal of the properties, or, second, to help somebody get the acquisition of the position.

Chairman and vice-chairman

  • Yongsan-gu District Council chairman represents the council, rearranges the agendas of the meetings, maintains the order of the conference room and supervises the general affairs of the committee. The Council vice-chairman acts on behalf of the committee chairman in case there is an accident on the part of the chairman.

Standing Committee

  • The Standing Committee is composed of three subsidiary committees according to the functions of the pertinent executive agencies. Currently, the Yongsan-gu District Council is composed of the Operating Committee, the Administrative Committee, and the Welfare Construction Committee. The Standing Committee can establish a special committee through a vote of the general meeting when it is necessary to screen special agendas.

Council Administrative Bureau

  • The Council Administrative Bureau is established to deal with the administrative affairs of the Council. The Council Administrative Bureau is dealing with the Council's administrative affairs related to the legislative affairs including the Council's operation under the direction of the Council chairman. The Council Administrative Bureau of the Yongsan-gu District Council currently has 23 staff including the bureau director .

Organization Map

  • Chairman
    • The Standing Committee
      • The Operating Committee
      • The Administrative Committee
      • Welfare Construction Committee
    • The Special Committee
  • Vice-chairman

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