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Council Executive Office

Council Executive Office

Secretary-general supervises the administrative affairs of the Council under the command of the chairman and directs and directs or commands the staff.
Technical Experts
Technical experts screens the operation and the agendas of the meetings of the Council under the command of the pertinent Council committee and assists the progress of proceedings.
Parliamentary Politics Team
Parliamentary Politics Team maps out the basic operation plans of the Council and deals with the welfare benefits of the Council members, formalities and public relations, budgets/accounting/treasury, and the salaries of the staff.
Agenda Session Team
Agenda Session Room manages the agendas of the meetings, assists the proceedings of the meetings, edits and publishes the conference proceedings, accept the petitions and appeals, and manages the agendas.


  • Secretary-general
    • Parliamentary Politics Team
    • Agenda Team
    • Public Relations Team
  • Technical Experts

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