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Screenings and Acceptance of Petitions

Screenings and Acceptance of Petitions

  • Petitioners should submit a petition that mentions the introduction of a Yongsan-gu District Council member. Petitions should be attached by the name of the petitioner (in case of the corporate body, the title and the representative of the corporate body), the address and the signature.
    But petitions cannot be accepted when they interrupt the court trials or violate the law.

The Procedure of Dealing with the Petition

  • Submission of the PetitionPetitioners should clarify the purpose and the reason for the petition when they the submit the petitions with the introduction of the Yongsan-gu District Council members.
  • Acceptance of the PetitionThe petition is accepted when is equipped with the satisfactory requirements.
    But the petition cannot be accepted under the following conditions: when they interrupt the court trials or violate the law; when they insult the chief of the State or the state institution; or when more than two petitions are submitted at the same time.
  • The Petition Forwarded to the Pertinent Committee for Screening The Council member who introduced the petition should explain the purpose of the petition when asked by the pertinent committee or the general meeting.
    The Council member should report the result to the chairman when the petition does not require submission for further consideration at the general meeting, and the chairman should notify the petitioner of the result.
  • Approval of the Petition afterthe Screening at the General MeetingApproval of a petition after the screening and a voting at the general meeting.
  • Transfer of the Petition The petition is transferred to the ward office chief with the attachment of the written statement when it is deemed appropriate that the ward office chief deals with it.
  • Report after the DisposalThe ward office chief should report the result of the petition disposal to the Council, and the Council should report the result of the petition disposal to the petitioner.

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