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Enactment and Abrogation of the Ordinances

Enactment and Abrogation of the Ordinances

  • Ordinances refer to the acts of Yongsan-gu. Under the jurisdiction commissioned by law, the Council enacts the ordinances. The Council should follow the rule of law without failure when it decides on the restriction of the residents' rights, the imposition of duties, or the punishment.

The Procedure of the Enactment of the Ordinances

  • Proposal The ward office chief, More than one fifths of the incumbent Council members.
  • VoteAttendance of a majority of the incumbent members, and a majority vote of the members in attendance (Except the case specially regulated by law).
  • TransferThe result of the vote is transferred to the ward office chief within five days after the date of vote.
  • Promulgation Proclamation by the ward office chief within 20 days (The ordinances become effective after 20 days if there is no special regulation.)

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