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Chairman's Profile

chairperson of council Park Giljun
chairperson of council
Park Giljun

01 Basic Information

  • District : Ra
  • Phone : 02-2199-8760
  • Email :

02 Education and Career

  • Chungang Univ architecture dept
  • The 6th council chairperson for the 1st half
  • The 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th council member
  • The 4th 5th vice chairperson for the 2nd half
  • The 3rd welfare construction committee chairperson for 2nd half
  • National Unification Advisory Council Yongsan branch vice president
  • Yongsan developing committee member
  • Social welfare foundation Yonsan Sangheewon board member
  • Yongsan city planning committee member
  • Namsan limit of altitude special committee chairperson
  • Yongsan 2ga-dong re-register and liquidation money task force law advisor committee chairperson
  • Yongsan 2ga-dong citizens’ community committee senior advisor
  • Yongsan 2ga-dong elder people welfare support organ president
  • Yongsan 2ga-dong sports council advisor

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