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Chairman's Message

chairperson of council Park Giljun
chairperson of council
Park Giljun

We heartily welcome you to the Homepage of  the Yongsan District Council.

Welcome to our homepage, all Yongsan families and netizens!
All Yongsan families, How are you?
I am the chairperson Park Giljun, and we build new Yongsan with you.
Our council has 23 years history since 1991 national election. Citizens expect and want more and more, so our duty becomes more important.
We council members always listen your opinion, are with you, and work for you whatever you want as the top priority to build true local government.
We expect this homepage will be the guide of communication between the council and you, and please show your concern and support.
We wish happiness and health in your family.

The council chairperson, Park Giljun.

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